The Healthy Love Youth Network (HLYN) is a collaborative community effort to recruit, train, and empower 50 girls ages 13-18 throughout the Atlanta area to become Peer Leaders.


As a Peer Leader in the HLYN you will be trained in the areas of self-esteem, character development, leadership ability, HIV/STIs, teen pregnancy prevention and youth reproductive justice and advocacy issues. Over the course of the program you will have a chance to meet new friends, have fun discussions on topics that affect your life and learn leadership skills that can impact the lives of other teens. You will attend weekly sessions over the course of three weeks. You also will be required to host an interactive health education workshop called a Healthy Love Party for your friends. as well as earn great incentives for your participation. Lastly, upon completion of HLYN sessions and recruiting your peers to host a Healthy Love Party the program ends with a cool graduation ceremony!