ROUNDTABLE  4:30p – 6:00p – Dazon Dixon Diallo, MPH presenting
Understanding Readiness for Evaluation and Data Driven Decision Making During Times of Change(Session ID: 751)
Location: Imperial Boardroom 7, Level 4

SisterLove presents 3 Gina’s Event  6p-9:30p
Location: Golden Feather Mardi Gras Indian Gallery
704 N. Rampart
New Orleans, Louisiana 70116
RSVP is required

Join SisterLove, Incorporated during the United States Conference on AIDS as we discuss the most current information and strategies to integrate womens HIV research, healthcare advocacy, and community engagement. The 3 Ginas will be a fun and entertaining opportunity to meet three women, all named Gina Brown, who are engaged in promoting the wellness and well being of Black women impacted by HIV and/or Cancer. Gina Brown, the doctor, is a specialist and researcher in the Office of AIDS Research at the National Institutes of Health, where she specializes in womens HIV prevention, treatment and care research. Gina Brown, the social worker and activist, is a long-time advocate for HIV positive women and is an outspoken activist for the human rights of women living with HIV. Gina Brown, the singer, has dedicated her life to raising awareness about cancer, especially breast cancer, with women who are underserved and marginalized, including women in the hospitality and pleasure industries of New Orleans. A special program will feature the three Ginas sharing updates on womens HIV research, womens HIV positive leadership and advocacy, and the role of artists in the movement for Black womens health. 3 Ginas will be co-hosted by two amazing Louisiana Leaders, Deon Haywood, Women with a Vision and Smydge Perry, Louisiana Department of Health.

“Meet The Gina’s” Reception 6 PM

Integrated Update Begins at 7 PM

Donations benefiting SisterLove, Inc will be accepted

RVSP required at

or call 678-749-4788 for more information

Sponsored by

WORKSHOP   8:30a-11:30a  Dazon Dixon Diallo panel presentation  
Women and HIV Prevention Research: How is the HIV Prevention Trials Network Working to Bridge Gaps in Research for Women in the United States and Around the World? (Session ID: 373)
Location: Strand 10A, Level 2

ROUNDTABLE – 2:30p – 4:00p – SisterLove,Inc sponsoring
STARSHIPP: Strategies for Those At Risk for Seeking High Impact Prevention & PrEP (Session ID: 539)
Location: Imperial 3, Level 4

ROUNDTABLE – 2:30p – 4:00p  -  Lisa Diane White panel presentation
Bridging the Cascade: Lessons Learned from the Positive Action Southern Initiative (Session ID: 379)
Location: Strand 13B, Level 2

ROUNDTABLE – 4:30-6:00p – Lisa Diane White panel presentation (AVAC PxROAR Fellows)
Lessons from the Community: Engaging Women in HIV Prevention Research Advocacy (Session ID: 345)
Location: Imperial 10, Level 4

Workshop – 8:30 -11:30am – Dazon Dixon Diallo panel presentation
The Treatment Cascade: Women of Color & the Role of Women’s Health Centers (Session ID: 532)
Location: Bolden 4, Level 2 – Sponsored by Planned Parenthood and Black AIDS Institute